dearrrRr fellow piRRrrates,

cheerrRRrio to all of ye who made it to BrrRratislava yesterrRrday!!!
ye had the sun on ye backs and the cold in ye feet, but ye never gave up and rRRrrrolled on and on and on the rrrRoarrRring seas!!!!
we arRRre grrreatful to had ye all on our ship, we couldn’t do it without you!

and we couldn’t do it without some special folks:
big hands up for:
mama rowdie
the puzzlepirrRrrats: lena and michi
the manifestguarRRrds: beo and erhan
the rrRrumspecialtaskcrew: wagenplatz lobau
the forrrRrtunetellerrrs: max and his tarrrRrot carrRds
the master of drunken sailoRrr songs: nova
the master of arrRrtwork: frrrRranz
and to rRrradiostar who made a trailer out of the orrRriginal pirrRrate materrrRial from 2014!
and also to Hanter who started setting sails!

as for th’ familyporrRrtrait:
please post it or send it to

see ye all next year on th’ first saturrRrday in januarrRrry with all ye pirRRrates from all those different seas!!!

ye cap’ns
zitronski, fuxowitsch and orcalita

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