2019: The Klabautermann will get you! Harr!

Get ready for Piratislava 2019! On Saturday 26th of January we will set sails again to fight wind, whiskey and whining walruses! And each other, of course and off course, harr! But on top of it comes the freaky funky furious Klabautermann, the ferocius fierce furuncle on each sailors arse. Unless you have a chicken with you … harr! Curious what that might mean, litte sailors? Fearless enough and thirsty allways? Than register at klabautermanharr@gmail.com for the ride to Piratislava! First come first die. Harr harr!


dearrrRr fellow piRRrrates,

cheerrRRrio to all of ye who made it to BrrRratislava yesterrRrday!!!
ye had the sun on ye backs and the cold in ye feet, but ye never gave up and rRRrrrolled on and on and on the rrrRoarrRring seas!!!!
we arRRre grrreatful to had ye all on our ship, we couldn’t do it without you!

and we couldn’t do it without some special folks:
big hands up for:
mama rowdie
the puzzlepirrRrrats: lena and michi
the manifestguarRRrds: beo and erhan
the rrRrumspecialtaskcrew: wagenplatz lobau
the forrrRrtunetellerrrs: max and his tarrrRrot carrRds
the master of drunken sailoRrr songs: nova
the master of arrRrtwork: frrrRranz
and to rRrradiostar who made a trailer out of the orrRriginal pirrRrate materrrRial from 2014!
and also to Hanter who started setting sails!

as for th’ familyporrRrtrait:
please post it or send it to piratislava@gmail.com

see ye all next year on th’ first saturrRrday in januarrRrry with all ye pirRRrates from all those different seas!!!

ye cap’ns
zitronski, fuxowitsch and orcalita

pRrreparrRre ye selfs!

ahoy ye pirates,

ye are already trembling befor’ th’ new adventures, right ye ar’ !!!
tomorrow (5/01) will be a good chance to pay for ye bunk bed and registration and meet new mates and crews and prepare ye self with everything a pirate can and will be.

we are looking forward to welcome you in the bikekichen (goldschlaggasse 8, 1150 vienna) at sundown!
before we will be setting sails on saturrRrday at around 10 am in the middle of the city seas (stephansplatz)!

ye cap’n crew


Howdy Pirates,

we got a load of bottles, with some spicy ingredients and some less crew photos… So humphfff-please: ship your pirate portaits!

As for the rest: there is a lot of pirates on our cruise and we are looking forward to give some special tasks and rum and songs one will never forget!

news ships, new adventures 2017

Dear Pirates,

you waited long, but you waited well.

We will be setting sails again on January, 7th 2017!

Collect your courage, prepare your ship, color your sails, sharpen your blades…

More advices to follow.

Remember: be always prepared, you never know what you can find below the next waves.

registration part 2


Dear Crew,
As we want to set sails on saturday 4th of July, of the year 2014, 9 a.m., we all need to gather tomorrow/TODAY in our most secret hideout the ***VIENNA BIKEKITCHEN*** to sign the articles.

***staring time: 4 p.m. (preparing ships, building nasty pirate acsessoires)
***registration: 6 p.m. – 10 p.m.
please bring with you ***15 to 20 in local currency (€)*** to cover expenses (bed, food transport of stuff, etc.)

come dressed for the adventure! dinner is included:
—-> kaiserschmarrrrn <—-

***sewing (flags): das Bäckerei is open from 3 p.m. (Tannengasse 1/Ecke Felberstraße, 1150 Wien)

!!! every pirate is supposed to bring one treasure for our treasure chest !!!

show us that you are not scared of the upcomming adventure and get prepared to present yourselves as a team in front of the rest of the crew…

yours delegated Capitanas*os:
Hilmarrrrr, Käfaaarrrr, Oskaarrrrr, Juliaaarrrr, Gudrrrrrrrunn,
and many more…


We will set sails in the early hours on January 4th 2014 at Stephansplatz, right at the center of this rotten city. We leave with the high tide at about 9 o’clock… but not without taking some treasures with us.

Registration has started (http://piratislava.blogsport.eu/registration/)